Promotion types

Special price: We offer a special price on some products. This can be combined with other promotions.

Percentage Discount: We offer a fixed percentage discount on all products in the specified category or group. For example, you get 10% off when you purchase any item from the "Flooring Accessories" category.

Fixed Amount Discount: We provide a fixed amount discount on purchases from the specified category or product group. For instance, you receive £100 off on any "Pallet deal" item you buy.

Tiered Discount: We offer different discount tiers based on the total purchase amount within the category. For example, you get a 5% discount on "Wood Flooring" items for purchases over £1500 and a 10% discount for purchases over £2500.

Free gift: We provide a free gift with purchases from the specified product category or range. For example, customers who buy any item from the "Impression" collection receive a professional cleaning kit for free.

How to find and apply current promotion?

Product page: Find the current promotion just above the price box on the product page. Copy the coupon code and apply it at checkout.

Special page: Look for "Special" page in our website menu. Copy the coupon code and apply it at checkout.

Quotation request: On every product page, you can find a "Get a Quote" or "Quote & Sample" button. Fill out and submit the form, and we'll reply with the best price and availability.

Promotional Rules

Single Use Per Customer: We limit the usage of the discount code to one per customer. Once a customer has used the code, they cannot use it again for subsequent purchases.

Promotions Cannot be Combined: Discount code cannot be combined with other promotions, discounts, or offers except special priced products. Customers must choose between using the discount code or taking advantage of other ongoing promotions.

Date Range: We set a specific date range during which the discount code is valid. For example, the discount code for 'JANUARY SALES' is only applicable from January 1st to January 31th.

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