10" Invisible Finish Oak EC62
260mm Extra Wide Wood Flooring

Engineered 15/4 Floorboards Multiply Base

Beautiful real Oak wood , 10inch (26cm) wide Engineered Floorboards. Machined to highest standards with high quality plywood base and 4mm top natural oak layer. Long boards - 80% lengths over 2m. Lightly brushed surface to expose beautiful natural wood grain - finished with special extra matt wax oil for invisible finish effect. This floor looks fantastic in large and open spaces. Available from UK stock and unbeatable price only at Made of Wood Ltd
wide engineered wood flooring

  • Product Code: EC62Pack size: 2.86 sqm
  • Availability: In Stock Delivery: 1-3 days
  • Dimensions (H/W/L) : 15mm / 260mm / 2200mm
Made of Wood

  • £55.20/sqm

  • Ex. VAT: £46.00

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Delivery: usually in 1-3 days
Pack size / approx weight: 2.86 sqm / 35 KG
Find more details on eBay listing: No 274569715562


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