150mm Festool Protection Pad
Soft Pad with Multiple Holes

Softens Granat Nets / Pack of 2

The Festool protection pad is a 150mm diameter pad made of soft foam with a Velcro backing, designed specifically for Festool Rotex sanders and compatible with other sanders as well. The Festool protection pad acts as a barrier between the sander and the net disc, providing a cushioned layer to enhance performance and protect both the disc and the work surface during sanding operations. Price for pack of 2 pads.

  • Product Code: FPR150
  • Availability: In Stock Delivery: 1-3 days
  • Dimensions: H 3 / W 150 / L 150mm

  • £10.68/pack

  • Ex. VAT: £8.90/pack

Grit -
Backing Velcro
Application protection pad for net screens
Extraction holes multiple
Compatible with ES 150 Random Orbital Sander ETS 150 Random Orbital Sander LEX 150 Random Orbital Sander, LEX 2 150 Random Orbital Sander LEX 3 150 Random Orbital Sander, RO 150 Random Orbital Sander (pre-2008) RO 150 ROTEX Random Orbital Sander WTS 150 Random Orbital Sander
Size Dia 150mm / Pack of 2
General info
Condition New
Est. delivery in 1-3 days
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