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12" Prime Oak Herringbone HD31
classic size blocks
£36.84 sqm Ex Tax: £30.70

Perfectly made solid real oak parquet flooring to lay in dutch pattern and other patterns (eg. herringbone, square, etc)..

12” Prime Oak Herringbone HS43
16mm thick low profile
£35.40 sqm Ex Tax: £29.50

Classic size (1Ft long) solid oak parquet flooring with unfinished surface to seal after installation and light sand. To..

17" Rustic Oak Herringbone HS39
perfect for double herringbone
£32.28 sqm Ex Tax: £26.90

Classic 17inch Double herringbone parquet blocks with knots, various colour and all natural features - very natural/rust..

14” Oak Rustic Herringbone HS29
350x70x22 solid blocks
£32.76 sqm Ex Tax: £27.30

Classic European size 14inch blocks to suit every interior from small living room to large school hall. Nice proportiona..

14" Prime Oak Herringbone HS34
350x70x22 solid wood
£41.88 sqm Ex Tax: £34.90

Versatile oak parquet blocks - can be fitted in many patterns including herringbone, square, diamond, brick, dutch and m..

20” Prime Oak Herringbone HS50
22mm Thick large blocks
£44.16 sqm Ex Tax: £36.80

Superior quality 20inch (500mm) long solid oak parquet blocks designed for large interiors (schools halls, shops, restau..

10" Natural Oak Herringbone H25N
quick delivery, good stock
Now £30.00/sqm Ex Tax: £25.00

Massive 22mm thick real oak wood herringbone parquet flooring. Fantastic quality parquet blocks with T&G on all 4 si..

10" Prime Oak Herringbone H25P
UK’s best price for prime oak
Now £34.80/sqm Ex Tax: £29.00

Prime Grade (clean wood) herringbone parquet flooring. Solid real oak with thickest 12mm resandable layer above T&G!..

10" Antique Oak Herringbone H25A
very natural look
£26.28 sqm Ex Tax: £21.90

100% Natural Oak herringbone parquet flooring in very rustic grade. Perfect choice for antique looking natural flooring...

20" Large Oak Herringbone H15N
perfect for open spaces
£46.20 sqm Ex Tax: £38.50

Large size block herringbone parquet flooring made out of pure real oak hardwood. Perfect for large open residential or ..

24" Large Oak Herringbone H12N
600x120x21mm blocks
£44.88 sqm Ex Tax: £37.40

Natural Oak Wood solid parquet flooring, supplied as left and right blocks for herringbone pattern. Microbevelled edges ..

12" Red Oak Herringbone HD17
light wood classic parquet
£37.08 sqm Ex Tax: £30.90

Classic Red Oak double herringbone parquet flooring . Red oak is lighter in colour than traditional oak. The blocks are..

12” Red Oak Herringbone HS41
light wood 16mm thick
£34.80 sqm Ex Tax: £29.00

Low profile (only 16mm) classic herringbone parquet flooring made out of european red oak that is lighter than english o..

14” Red Oak Herringbone HS42
light wood bulky blocks
£40.08 sqm Ex Tax: £33.40

Traditional versatile size 350x70 block solid Red Oak herringbone parquet. Made out of sustainably sourced red oak timbe..

14” Smoked Oak Herringbone HS37
premium 22mm thick oak
£47.88 sqm Ex Tax: £39.90

Finest Grade 22mm deep classic herringbone parquet flooring. Deeply smoked for rich brown colour - looks beautiful when ..

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